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I am presently roaming the world with my partner Cherie. We live together in a small solar-powered camper trailer, looking for adventure and enlightenment.
We are chronicling our joint adventures at:

I keep an active LiveJournal blog.  Here are links to some key topic tags:  
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Nomadic Serendipity - I have been living nomadically since April 1st 2006 - roaming North America. This link jumps to my once or twice monthly "major" travel updates, complete with lots of pictures.
Nomadness -  This link jumps to all the blog entries chronicling my adventures.
Paragliding & Paramotoring - When I get the chance, I like to strap a motor to my back, grab the lines of a paraglider wing, and run into the sky. Read about my flying adventures here.
International Travel Stories - This link jumps to stories from my international travels, in particular my trip to Costa Rica in September 2005.
Burning Man - I have been to Burning Man most years since 1999. I have been inspired beyond words by my experiences on the playa. I share some of my stories and photographs here. Also check out my Burning man photo gallery.
Geekery - I am an unrepentant geek, and I even co-host the NPR-affiliated GeekSpeak radio show on occasion. Technology rocks - when it isn’t busy sucking.
Movie Reviews - I love movies and have reviewed and rated every movie I have watched since July 2005.  A guide to my rating system is here. (Reviews from July 2006 onward have not been added to this blog yet...)
Weird World - I run across some mighty weird things on occasion.  I write about them here.

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